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Our Team

Julio Bravo, Director


Julio has a BS in biological anthropology from UCLA, and has been professionally involved with home staging for more than eight years. Julio enjoys learning about design history, and is fascinated by the way various design styles, from European to Native, have combined to create a distinctive Southern California style. He also has a place in his heart for Rococo design; he even went so far as to name his dog “Roco” for short!


Genia Alvarez, Project Manager


Genia has a BA in art history with an emphasis in architecture from UC Santa Barbara. As project manager, Genia brings her creative perspective to all of the projects at Lauren Ashley Designs. Genia would describe her personal design style as a mixture of old and new, and she always loves a pop of color! 

Photos Coming Soon

Tony Gomez, Warehouse Manager


Our warehouse manager Tony is the backbone of Lauren Ashley Designs. Tony knows the inventory inside and out, and is always there to lend a helping hand when needed. Our work wouldn't be possible without Tony’s dedication! 


Rococo “Roco”, C.E.O. (Canine Executive Officer) 


Rococo “Roco” is the real boss at Lauren Ashley Designs! When Roco isn’t “barking” orders to his underlings, he enjoys naps, pets and treats. 

Follow Roco on Instagram: @rococothebostonterrier

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