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Living Area, Dining Area, and Bedroom* + Additional Space/Area


*Bedroom - typical bedroom size is defined as a 10' x 12' space. Does not include "separate area(s)" whether within foot print or partitioned off, but still considered as part of the bedroom area. Examples of a "separate area(s)" include: seating spaces, nooks, lofts, oversized closets, dressing areas, balconies and any other space connected to a bedroom or considered part of a bedroom suite. Price is based on homes of up to 1,800 Square Feet. Please call for a price quote on larger homes.

Premium 4

  • Designer Special + Additional Space/Area 

  • Staging services are provided in the form of a two month minimum lease agreement and are extendable monthly after initial period. Total for two months is $3,795.  Contract must be signed by the homeowner(s). No credit check is required. However, payment is due at time of delivery. Contract extension payments are due monthly on the first day after initial period and every thirty days thereafter. Additional delivery and set-up fee may apply.


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